When two people get engaged, they start thinking about a lot of things. For example, where they will make the wedding, who they will invite to it and what style it will be. The bride is interested in a wedding dress, a bouquet, the groom`s suit, a selection of rings or the color of the wedding. The groom is usually mainly interested in making the bride happy and satisfied. But they seldom think about where they would like to hold their bachelor party and what it should look like.

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Will it be at the bar? In the cinema? Will we have it together or each one separately? Usually, it would be good to clarify these details so that no oversight arises. And so that future newlyweds don`t have to worry so much, they can entrust their good friends with the preparation. However, it is important to give them clear instructions so that you do not feel uncomfortable then.

If you don`t want the usual place like bars, clubs or the beach, you can choose something original where everyone will have fun. A Las Vegas bachelor can be such a place to party. In addition to plenty of bars, clubs and casinos, you can enjoy a lot of entertainment in other places as well, as there is a plethora of options. Just keep in mind that you don`t end up like the guys from the Vegas party. Neither the bridegroom nor the bride would be thrilled.


Of course, you can come up with some surprises for both of you, but try to follow their instructions. After all, there is usually a farewell to freedom, a night of which the other of the couple is always slightly worried. This will be resolved if they have a farewell in common. And if they leave you free? So there are no limits to your imagination. But the main thing is to keep them from being uncomfortable and to enjoy their last night „for free“ and have great memories of it.

Although holding a farewell party is not such a big responsibility, it is a responsibility. And it is necessary to approach this as well.